Chat Moderation:
1. No Advertising (This is includes but is not limited to other servers, and websites)
2. No swearing, spamming, speaking in 100% capital letters, out-of-control disrespect toward others, or racism of any kind.
3. Impersonating an Admin or another player in game will result in either a warning or a ban depending on the situation.

Minecraft Clients:
1. No hacked Minecraft clients such as Nodus, Xenon and other clients.
2. No modded Minecraft clients that allow for non-vanilla movement or something that gives an unfair advantage in PvP.
3. Minecraft clients with mods that allow for Minimap (Reis Minimap), performance (Optifine), or quality are legal.

Player versus Player (PvP):
1. Do not PvP Log (This includes but is not limited from mobs, players, or just dying from natural causes)

1. Do not exploit plugins or mods (duping, etc)
2. Glitches used to enter a base are legal (Otherwise known as ‘Vanilla glitches’, standard Minecraft – not abusing plugins/mods)

Alternate Accounts (Alts):
1. Do not use alts for the purpose of extra power for a faction.
2. Do not use alts to bypass a ban or a mute.
3. Do not use alts in order to train mcMMO or other plugins.

In-game Ranks:
1. You may not ask Helpers or Administrators/Owners for ranks.
2. Ranks can be earned or be given through donation only. (And on occasion, contests)
3. Helpers play the server just like regular users. They do not have the ability to give out ranks, go into creative, teleport to players without their permission or anything.

1. Threats made to the server (ie. DDoS/’Hacking’) will result in a permanent IP ban.
2. Threats made to players (relating to their real life) on the server will result either in a ban or warning depending on how severe the threat is. (Threatening to beat up/kill/hack their Minecraft account, etc)

1. Anyone caught cheating through Voting to receive more items (alternate accounts/proxies) will be permanently banned from the server without warning.


1. Donations will not be refunded, see the Terms of Service.
2. Attempting to do a chargeback will result in an IP ban and removal of all donation perks. In some cases, legal action may be taken.

1. Scamming in game is discouraged but allowed.
2. You cannot scam a player for real money or for account information.

1. Owners and Administrators have the right to search a base without announcement
2. Owners and Administrators can determine the severity of a rule fracture, and determine the punishment
3. Owners and Administrators cannot ban a player without a reason.
4. Owners and Administrators can take items from a chest if they suspect the item has been duped.

Rule Exceptions:
1. Spamming can be determined by plugins.
2. Spamming can sometimes be determined just by posting a message three times in a row.

1. DiamondPVP will not refund you if a plugin or glitch deletes your items.